Faros rooms are located near the seashore. It takes only 2 minutes walking to get to the first beach (Aghios Nicolaos), 10 minutes walking to the second beach (Klisidi) and 20 minutes walking to the third beach (Katsouni). So, you don't need a car, bike or bus, to go for a swim.

The rooms are built on the hill of the coast of Aghios Nicolaos. Faros consists of 6 rooms, all of which are provided with a wc, refrigerator, boiler, ceiling fan, and a big balcony with a magnificent view to the Aegean sea. Five of them have two wooden single beds. The sixth has a wooden double bed, a small third bed and a kitchen sink. There's an engine running in the nearby region, so the place is not absolutely quiet; but the sound is not disturbing in the rooms.

Breakfast is not included in the price. The rooms are located close to the small port of the Island, as well as the road; so there is direct access to all kinds of transportation. The road distance to the village is about 4 kilometers. There is also a shorter footpath, which will take you there after 30 minutes of walking.

Anafi is very well known for it's beautiful beaches, the sun set and the clear blue sea. Also, the island has rich history dated from the Ancient Greek and Roman period. The mountain Calamos is a very interesting geological phenomenon. It is the second biggest solid rock in the Mediteranean Sea and it is connected with the first explosion of Santorini’s Volcano during the ancient time.

People in Anafi are friendly (or become friendly). We will be glad to provide you our accomodation services.